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Gulshan Kumar Biopic: Aamir Khan wanted Kapil Sharma to play a role in the movie Mogul



On Monday, Aamir Khan announced that he has decided to do the film Mogul directed by Subhash Kapoor. The actor had earlier decided not to do the film as a woman accused director Subhash Kapoor of sexual misconduct during the “Me Too” campaign. However, now Aamir Khan has agreed to work on the same project.

Recently, Aamir Khan has given a detailed interview to a newspaper about why he has reversed his decision.

aamir krazzy Mogul

Aamir Khan revealed that he had approached Akshay Kumar, Varun Dhawan and even Kapil Sharma for the Mogul. The film is based on the life of T-series founder Gulshan Kumar. Aamir Khan has now also decided to play the role of Gulshan Kumar himself. Talking about the casting of the film, Aamir Khan said that he initially wanted to cast Akshay Kumar in this film. Aamir Khan also said that despite knowing that earlier there was no talk between Bhushan Kumar and Akshay Kumar about the film Mission Mangal. Even after this, he wanted to take Akshay Kumar in this film

Akshay Kumar also considered this proposal but things did not go down and he refused this film due to other films. The film Mogul is also produced by Aamir Khan. He then offered this role to Varun Dhawan. Although Varun Dhawan was busy with all his films.

Aamir Khan was also keen to cast Kapil Sharma in the film as he felt he would play the role well but that too did not work. Finally, Bhushan Kumar suggested Aamir play the role himself. Aamir Khan also liked the story of the film and found the role interesting and so, in the end, he decided to do this film

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