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Daughter Ananya Panday Gets Best Debut Award At The Filmfare, Father Chunky Panday Is On Cloud Nine



Ananya Panday has been awarded the Best Debut Award at the Filmfare held in Guwahati. Ananya Panday’s father Chunky Panday has also gave a response on this special occasion.

In Bollywood, every actress dreams of leaving the impression of her debut performance on the entire film industry. However, this opportunity is only for some actors. Ananya Pandey is one such lucky actress. Ananya Pandey surprised everyone with her performance in her debutant movie Student of the Year 2. This has also been confirmed in Filmfare held in Guwahati.

Ananya Pandey has been awarded the Best Debut Award at the Filmfare held in Guwahati. Spoyboy spoke to Ananya Pandey’s father Chunky Pandey on this special occasion. Chunky Pandey has entertained audiences of Hindi films for decades, but never won a Filmfare Award in his entire carrer. On the success of Ananya, Chunky said, ‘In my 34-year career, I was included in the nomination list four times in Filmfare, but I never won Filmfare. I was very happy when Ananya was nominated for Filmfare. When Ananya won Filmfare last night, I had tears in my eyes.

Chunky Pandey said, ‘My eyes were moist because I couldn’t believe it at all. She was also its rightful owner. It is the most prestigious award in the country. I was sad that I could not be a part of the award ceremony. I had booked the events in December and I could not back my tongue. My wife was present at Filmfare. I am proud of my daughter.

Reacting to Ananya’s award wining, Chunky Pandey said, ‘I saw a short clip of Bhavna (Chunky’s wife). She was giving hug to Ananya and was doing tremendous things. She was also very excited. After a long time, Filmfare finally came to our house.

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