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Bigg Boss 13: Siddharth Take A Shocking Decision Eight Days Before The Finale, Paras Wept Upon Knowing



In the February 6 episode of ‘Bigg Boss 13’, Elite Club members had to get Aarti Singh, Shahnaz Kaur Gill, Mahira Sharma and Paras Chhabra out of the turtle-designed box to save their immunity. The task was canceled and no one failed to get the immunity of elite club members. At the same time, a new promo video of ‘Bigg Boss’ has arrived. In this video, Sidharth Shukla took a decision just a few days before the finale, which made Paras Chhabra cry.

Shidarth Asim

This promo video is also about giving immunity. It shows that Siddharth Shukla, Rashmi Desai and Asim Riaz are talking among themselves. Asim is saying that he will support Aarti Singh, Rashmi takes the name of Shahnaz and Siddharth Shukla Paras Chhabra. Siddharth says- ‘Once he protected me, now he has to return. This is my last chance.’

You can see that the four nominated members Aarti, Shahnaz, Paras and Mahira are in jail in the Gordon area. In the promo video, a prison key is placed on a table. At the same time, members of the three elite clubs Rashmi, Asim and Siddharth will have to get the key as soon as the buzzer rings. Whosoever will get the first key in his hand, the person who wants to give immunity will get him out of jail.

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As Bajar Baja was seen holding Asim Siddharth. A argument between the two started. However, Siddharth managed to get the key. Siddharth drives Paras out of jail. Paras gets emotional as soon as Siddharth does this and starts crying. Seeing Paras like this, Mahira says- “What happened to you?” In response, Paras says that “I had no hope at all.”

Paras CChabra Get emotional
Paras Chhabra- Photo : Instagram

Asim gets angry as Siddharth does so. He tells Siddharth that ‘You are saving Paras, the girl who has been with you since day one did not save her’. In response, Siddhartha says- ‘Cry as much as you want.’ Asim says- “That is why nobody wants to be your friend” Aarti’s face is shown as Asim says this.

Asim Poked Siddharth Shukla
Asim and Sidharth- Photo : Instagram

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