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Congress Leader Shashi Tharoor Spent Three Nights with Pakistani Journalist Mehr Tarar in Dubai



In connection with the Sunanda Pushkar’s death, public prosecutor Atul Srivastava on Saturday said in the court that Congress leader Shashi Tharoor spent three nights with Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar in Dubai. He made these claims on the basis of a statement given by Sunanda Pushkar’s friend and journalist Nalini Singh.

As per the statement, Nalini Singh said, “I knew Sunanda for 3-4 years. She started sharing with me about her personal life for the past one year. While talking about her relationship with Shashi Tharoor she told me that Tharoor and Tarar spent three nights together in Dubai”.

Nalini Singh further in her statement said, “Exactly a day before her death, I got a call from her. She was crying and while crying she shared a romantic message between Tharoor and Tarar with me. In the message, Shashi said to Tarar that he would divorce Sunanda after Lok Sabha Elections (2014) and his family members are supportive of this decision.”

The case is being heard by CBI’s special judge Ajay Kumar. In the further proceedings, Atul Srivastava, taking the example of the Supreme Court’s decision in Tarun Tejpal case, said, “Metal torturing comes under crime”.

Sunanda’s son Shiv Menon was examined in the case who said, “My mother was mentally strong. She cannot commit suicide.” Next hearing of this case will take place on 17th October.

After the revelation of this in the court, tweets of Sunanda Pushkar before her death are getting viral on social media in which she is blaming Mehr Tarar. On 17th January 2014, she tweeted, “My husband @ShashiTharoor & I are very happy so a Mehr isn’t going 2 bother me all her lies on TV amused me”.

In reply Mehr Tarar said, “Delighted to hear that, Mrs T. Now get some rest. God bless.”

Who is Mehr Tarar?

Mehr Tarar is a Pakistani journalist and she lives in Lahore. She is 51 years old and is a graduate from West Virginia University. She used to work for a Pakistani daily which she left a few days back. According to sources she now works for a business channel. She has a 13 years old son. She is said to have separated from her husband who is a Bahrain based businessman. She came into limelight after her relation with Shashi Tharoor went public. She confessed that she has met Tharoor two time. First time in India and the second time in Dubai. She has been interrogated in Sunanda Pushkar’s death case.

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