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Coronavirus Enters India: Six Confirmed Cases



Coronavirus or Covid-19 has reached to India with 6 six confirmed cases of this disease. The three out of these six cases have been declared this week one after one.

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Covid-19 or Coronavirus Disease 2019 outbreak has reached to India. It is to inform you that tens of thousands of people all across the world are infected by this disease. This disease has taken the life of more than 3,000 people in over 60 nations all over the world.

Three new cases of this severe disease are diagnosed this week in India. Now, in India, the number of people affected by this disease has reached to 6. With the reporting of these new cases, the doctors are focussing on the fallout impact of the recently traced Covid-19 cases. This also raises a main question whether India is ready to fight this epidemic disease.

China was the epicentre of this disease. Wuhan city of china was the first in the world to encounter this outbreak. The early symptoms of this disease are common cold, fever, shortness of breath to pneumonia. This disease may cause severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and even death. This virus was initially named as nCov-19 or novel coronavirus 2019. This virus is generally referred as coronavirus in media reports.

This virus has caused great damage to China socially and economically. In China, more than 80,151 are suffering from this disease and 2,943 people have lost their lives.

Until now, India had been spared the ill effects of the disease. But the three fresh diagnosed cases of this outbreak have rang alarm bells for India. Even WHO has changed the category of this disease from ‘moderate’ to ‘severe’.

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