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John Abraham Announces a New Project Based on the True Story of a Women Entrepreneur, Revathi Roy



Bollywood actor John Abraham always chooses those projects which are either based on the real-life heroes or a real-time incident. It seems that the actor is taking keen interest to improve the society. In fact, this is the responsibility of every citizen. Currently, he has three projects in hand. After that, he will produce a movie based on the life of a social entrepreneur. The name of this entrepreneur is Revathi Roy. He will produce this movie under the banner of his production house. This is to inform the people that Revathi Roy is the first ever woman who started a taxi service that have all female drivers. She also founded the first all-woman last-mile delivery services.

John Abraham

Revathi started to work for the welfare of the underprivileged females a long time ago and broke various stereotypes. Three production houses JA Entertainment, Red Ice Films and Vyka Entertainment have joined hands together for this venture. These production houses belong to John Abraham, Robbie Grewal Anil Bohra respectively. This venture will be based on a book titled ‘Who Is Revathi Roy’. Renowned writer Swathi Lodha has written this book. Asking about the venture, john said, “I am very happy that we are producing this very upbeat story that merges the best of entrepreneurial twists with a highly dramatic personal life. Revathi’s journey is that of a vibrant, funny, full of life, spirited woman who in spite of all odds has risen like a phoenix and has been continuously working to empower the underprivileged women. It’s a story that we just HAD to tell and who better to do that with than Robbie.”

As for now, the movie is in the pre-production stage. Revathi Roy said that, “I’m very happy that John, Robbie and Anil have come together to narrate a story which is not just my own but of every woman who was given a chance. Women are born fighters and an opportunity given to them never goes waste. All we need to provide is an ecosystem for them to flourish. In a small way, that is what my team and I have done.”

Besides this, people will enjoy the magnificent performance of John Abraham in three upcoming movies named as Attack, Mumbai Saga, and Satyameva Jayate 2.

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