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Pagalpanti Movie Review



Story: An out-of-luck young Raj Kishore (John Abraham) and his friends Janki (Arshad Warsi) and Chandu (Pulkit Samrat) to make up for the losses suffered by gangster Raja (Saurabh Shukla) and WiFi brother (Anil Kapoor). Let’s do it. But this is just the beginning of pagalpanti which brings big destruction in everyone’s life.

Pagalpanti Movie

Review: At one point in the movie, John Abraham’s character Raj seems to be saying that not necessarily everything means. For the movie, this dialogue fits perfectly because in reality the film will be seen to be mad. This is a comedy movie but the story looks quite dispersed which is beyond understanding.

The action and fun dialog will be heard in the scene before the beginning, which is far from the word ‘fun’. The film has a lot of characters that are more than one silly. Anil Kapoor has once again played the role of a gangster in the film who is very quick to speak, while Arshad Warsi is appearing in a very funny style. And looked very interesting from his one-liners. John Abraham and Pulkit Samrat have been seen as very attractive boys.

All the three actresses present in the film are shown to be beautiful but all were seen talking very odd and strange dialogues. Like Papa says, by doing what will I become pregnant. Apart from all, Saurabh Shukla has tried to be quite frightening but his dialogues are really fun. If seen, Saurabh Shukla has given his life in the film.

One character in the film is named Neeraj Modi (Inamulhaka), which is named after businessman Nirav Modi. In the film, this character is seen speaking Gujarati, which is quite useless.

Director Anees Bazmee and co-writers have tried to show everything together in which they just confuse the audience. A running car behind one, the African lion, the action scene, are all shot quite beautifully. The film is shot in the UK and is shown to be very beautiful. But the script of the film is very weak.

Songs: All the songs in the film have been inserted only to make the film longer. Any song can be seen anywhere. At the end of the film the subplot is placed on a patriotism that seems quite weak.

With a strong star cast and heavy action, Pagalpanti film will make you laugh a bit and bore you to a great extent.

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