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Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi’s image does not reflect in the mirror: Claims Pak Media



Imran Khan Bushra Bibi

A media house from Pakistan claimed that Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s third wife Bushra Bibi’s image does not get reflected in the mirror. The claims are made by Capital Media, a Pakistan based media agency. The news of Pakistan’s First Lady possessing supernatural powers start circulating on social media. However, Pakistan media has now denied any such reporting while clarifying that Bushra Bibi’s reflection can be seen in the mirror. The reports start surfacing after a statement made by house staff employed at PM’s home.

In Pakistan, Bushra Bibi is a known faith healer and is believed to possess supernatural powers. Also known as ‘Pinky Peerni’, Bushra Bibi’s family is from Wattoo clan in Pakistan’s Pakpattan. They are worshippers of Baba Farid shrine in Pakpattan.

Imran Khan started seeing the ‘holy lady’ for ‘spiritual assistance’ and eventually married her six months before he became the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

There are rumours that Bushra Bibi has two djinns(supernatural spirits) whom she feeds cooked meat and uses them to make things happen.

Imran Khan undertook an Umrah(Muslim pilgrimage) with Bushra Bibi before heading to New York to attend the 74th UNGA session.

Before Imran Khan, 41 years old Bushra Bibi was married to Khawar Maneka, a senior customs official. She rarely makes public appearance and whenever she does, she is always wearing a veil. She is the third wife of Imran Khan. His first wife was Jemima Goldsmith, a British TV, film and documentary producer. His second wife was Reham Khan, a British Pakistani journalist.  

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